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The Space Public Outreach Team (SPOT) provides FREE presentations about current NASA missions to Montana schools, youth programs, and community groups across the state.

The focus of the program is professional training for higher education student presenters with mentoring by STEM graduate student managers. Through this program higher education students utilize unique NASA content to become inspirational STEM role models for K-12 students and teachers. Check out A Day in the Life of a SPOT Presenter for a short video about SPOT.

This year there are two SPOT shows available: Total Solar Eclipses: Preparing for the Great American Eclipse answers intriguing questions such as what are total solar eclipses? Why are they so rare? Why is the 2017 total solar eclipse so special? Prepare for August 21st, 2017 as observers will see their daylight slip into minutes darkness along a narrow strip of the continental US during the Great American Eclipse. Pluto and Beyond explores the history of the formally classified planet and how one farm kid looking up at the sky could inspire the fastest, farthest mission through space and one of the most heated scientific public debates. What is Pluto?NASA's New Horizons mission recently gave us a new look at an old friend, come explore Pluto and Beyond!  More information about each show is available on our Presentations page.

The interactive SPOT presentations utilize slides, videos, animations and an inquisitive approach to relay the excitement of new discoveries in space science. NASA research and careers here in Montana are highlighted in each show. Presentations can be done in a classroom or assembly setting, as long as a screen or blank wall and an electrical outlet are available. Each show lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Participating teachers will receive NASA related activities, brochures and other materials they can use in their classrooms.

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