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University of Montana Team - "GrizSpect"

team GrizSpect

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Nate McCrady, Physics and Astronomy Department

Faculty Advisor: Ms. Jaylene Naylor, Physics and Astronomy Department

Team Members:

Wesley Harmon
Jonathan Wagner
Allison Mueller
Chantanelle Nava
Daniel Lehman

Wesley Harmon

Wesley (Wes) Harmon is a 23-year-old senior at the University of Montana, originally from Polson, Montana. He will graduate this spring with his Bachelor of Arts in Physics. Wes has particular interests in Aerospace Science and Prosthetics. After graduation, Wes plans to continue research and development in carbon composites and applied fluid dynamics.

John Wagner

John Wagner is a 28-year-old senior at the University of Montana, originally from Princeton, New Jersey. He is a physics major with a computational physics option, and will graduate in this coming spring. John enjoys work in fluid dynamics and having a good time.

Allison Mueller

Allison is a sophomore originally from Brainerd, Minnesota. Along with her degree in physics, she is working toward two minors: math and climate change studies. Her hobbies include basketball, volleyball, writing, watching The Office, and playing guitar. She is an avid hiker and thoroughly enjoys traveling. In the future, Allison plans to attend graduate school and receive her doctorate in geophysics or forensic science. Ideally, this would lead her toward a career in renewable energies, or a forensic position with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This is all part of “Plan B,” of course, second only to the plan of winning the lottery.

Chantanelle Nava

Chantanelle (Chani) Nava is a 21-year-old junior at the University of Montana, originally from Billings. She plans to earn her Bachelor of Arts in Physics with an astronomy option, as well as a minor in math. In the coming spring, Chani will be working alongside Dr. David Macaluso on research investigating neutron-capture ion photoionization to determine planetary nebulae elemental abundances. Chani is most interested in planetary sciences and particle physics, and upon graduation plans to earn her doctorate in one of the two subjects. Outside of school, Chani stays involved in music, playing the violin and experimenting with whatever instruments she can get her hands on.

Danny Lehman

Danny Lehman is a 22-year-old senior at the University of Montana. He is a Missoula native, and will graduate this spring with a bachelor’s degree in physics and a minor in math. Danny is most interested in pursuing a career in aeronautics, and plans to attend graduate school in Florida after graduation.

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